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You may have heard of the word mosaic, but do you know fully what it is? A mosaic is a special type of art which is a picture as well as other designs that are constructed from smaller kinds of pieces. There are also other styles or design that is involved with mosaics. The beauty of mosaics depends upon the creativity and the uniqueness of the creator. Most of the pieces of a mosaic is solid and durable which means that the physical qualities that the materials used matter the most. Some materials used are made out of gold, mirror, glass, stones and so on.

Thrive with the uniqueness of mosaics

When it comes to the best handmade mosaic, there is no other person who can do it better than Jeannie Houston Antes at You can find a variety of her work on the website and not only that, but you can also go and visit her gallery to see if there are any pieces you would be interested in. You can surely find amazingly crafted mosaics in her gallery which are priced just as right. Mosaics can fit into just any type of art such as fine art, public art and it can also be integrated into architecture. You can find them in structures such as churches and even in buildings. The solid form of the mosaic makes it a good design and at the same time structure itself.

To know more about mosaics and how they can be made, you can easily go online and look for how to make guides. There are simple mosaics that you can make in your own home while there are more complicated ones that involves using more than one medium. For starters, the easier it would be using colored rocks in order to form an image that you wish. You can collect various rocks in different size and colors so that they can represent your image better. The more variety and colors of the rocks, the better, this is because it can bring out the beauty of the image and also give the viewer a chance to marvel at the variety of rocks used.